Why Choose An Allergist?

Why Come to Allergy and Asthma Specialty Center, Inc. for Your Allergy Needs?

The patient's well-being is our first priority. We strive to create a positive experience and want each patient to walk away feeling better about their condition and treatment plan. We take pride in spending time educating patients about their allergies and the steps to improve their health.

Allergists have specialized training that enables them to diagnose and why usmanage all forms of allergic disorders. Upon completion of medical school, a physician who pursues a career in allergy/immunology must undergo three years of internal medicine or pediatric residency and can become Board certified by passing the Board examination.

The physician then continues training to become an allergist/immunologist by becoming a fellow at an accredited allergy and immunology fellowship program. After completing a two or three year fellowship program the physician is able to take the allergy and immunology certification exam. At this point the physician is board certified in allergy/immunology and has demonstrated the knowledge, expertise and capability to deliver quality care to patients with these disorders.

Allergists are able to comprehensively evaluate, treat and educate patients with allergic and immunologic disorders. It is critical that allergic triggers be accurately identified in order to provide the best treatment and allergists are the most qualified practitioners to accomplish this through proper testing. Trigger identification also allows allergists to focus their attention on preventative allergy care. Allergists can systematically manage asthma patients by performing routine spirometry before and during treatment. Spirometry evaluates lung function and this is important to ensure that asthma therapy is effective.

Management plans or action plans are another important tool that allergists utilize to care for patients with the most up-to-date treatment. Whether for food allergy, asthma or allergic rhinitis, these plans are customized for each patient and this allows them to take control of their own care.